Women's Volleyball

( Coach Kaci Pike)

    Coach Pike’s True Champion Women’s Volleyball Program is a six week mind & body training which begins with three weeks of pre-season preparation and flows into the beginning of the actual season of play. The program is excellent for girls learning the team game of volleyball, college players and coaches wishing to learn from the mind & body approach to volleyball preparation and practice.

    By this time, players and/or coaches will have established a ‘baseline’ of skills to carry them into the new season. Calling on time honored methods such as progressive relaxation, and the build up of game Coach Pike has developed a mind & body preparation system, which includes elements such as focus, composure, hustle, and teamwork, and how to endure difficult situations and persevere individually and as a team. Through the Periodic Sequencing Technique, an initial questionnaire is followed by practice training sessions and assessments from both the physical and mental domains.

    "Team coaches and individuals can track their progress through the entire gamut of exercises and drills so that peak and aware functioning is achieved as a player, team, or coach enters the main competition season".