Attaining optimum performance in any sport is very much like a math process.  Similarly, you have to learn one phase of mind  & body training application before advancing to the next level. In the True Champion sport programs, participants move step by step through short-term modules on the pathway to their long-term goals. With this approach, participants master one phase of mind & body training  before progressing on to the next level.


    Our method is called the Periodic Sequencing Technique, "(PST)" and is the framework that guides our members sequentially forward to their optimum goals. For the performance athlete, as well as the serious recreational sport enthusiast, the path is cyclical, in that, within a specific time period, the workouts return to the beginning of the next training cycle with an elevated level of mind & body abilities. 

    The uniqueness of the True Champion Periodic Sequencing Technique (PST) is that the phase of physical training is matched with mental training techniques.  Both are linked together towards the same objective: physical skills and endurance are consolidated with the ability to focus, recover,  and visualize future success. 
Progressive improvement is the common element of the True Champion PST programs. Whether one is seeking to enter a season with optimum physical and mental acuity, or produce a big gain in both mental and physical goals, they are achievable with a PST methodology. The approach is built into sequential developments within each PST program.


We are very quickly reaching a point in organized sport that the avenues to optimal performance are recognizable in the training process. Sport experts now understand that particular workouts are most effective in segmented categories of need and objective. What makes us unique and more predictable, with regard to improved performance, is matching mental and physical objectives.  At True Champion, the training programs indicate where you are in terms of your preparations for success, and how predictable your achievements can be.  It‘s up to you to fulfill the sequences that are the steps of your chosen program, and with this fulfillment comes the assurance of more confidence and better play. This is the pledge your coaches and administration make to you as you join the periodization sequence of PST programs and become an authentic True Champion! 

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