Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What is True Champion?

A- True Champion is a multi-sport, mind and body training website which provides online instruction and one-on-one training to its members, as well as dial-in open courses to the public.

Q- Why True Champion?

A- While a majority of individuals believe that at least 50% of their sport is mental, there is no other company which offers both mental & physical training  integrated in one site. 

Q- What makes True Champion unique?

A- True Champion's uniqueness lies in its "Periodic Sequencing Technique" through which participants learn one phase  of mind & body training application before advancing  to the next level.  In the True Champion  sport  programs , participants move step by step  through  short-term modules on the pathway to their long-term goals.

Q- What are True Champion’s comparative advantages?

A- The advantages are that one aspect of sport training isn't sacrificed at the expense of the other and that the unified mind & body approach provides an authentic and measurable sport training activity that is representative of how people are actually involved in their sport.

Q- How do I get trained? 

A- As  a True Champion, you are trained online by completing various sequences from narrative, video, and/or audio instruction aimed at your level of competence and interest.  At any juncture during your program, you may choose to relate one-on-one to your sports' coach or assistant, who are available through the True Champion administration.  

Q- What do I personally gain from joining True Champion?

A- What you gain by joining is the continued use of the online program and the opportunity to have progress monitored on an individual basis. You have access to highly experienced, professional coaches to lead you in the right direction. You can also interact with other users. Please see all the benefits of becoming a True Champion here.

Q- Can anyone take online training courses?

A- Online training can be accomplished by almost everyone and is advantageous because of its individual pace in completing mental & physical tasks at ones own pace.  The continued improvement of interactive computer systems has furthered the ability to take True Champion training on all web linked devices from stationary computers to portable devices. Therefore, if you can access the internet on a computer or portable device, you can use True Champion's online training program.

Q- How does online training work?

A-Online training has existed for over 30 years. When it was first launched, there was some doubt from education experts about its capacity to match traditional classroom or in-person teaching. Research has long proved that the ability to complete tasks at the participant's own pace is a great advantage and online courses are now offered by all manner of institutions in almost all disciplines. The way it works is that the teacher (in our case, the coach) does all the preparatory work in advance and produces the training content, with exercise and controls . They are loaded on the website and become accessible at any time. Trainers can use the program at their convenience  and return to repeat a lesson as many times as they like.

Q- Does online training mean I should attend online classes with other athletes?

A- A cohort or buddy system can be a great way to take a sport-training program through True Champion, but not necessarily. A coach, or leader, can also utilize the program applying the concepts, training, and principles to their team.

Q- Can I start and finish my online training on my own rhythm?

A- An advantage of online training is that members can complete the programs at their own pace and revisit training segments. However, the manner of sport training in True Champion has an advantage if completed in the reasonably designated time period as what is learned in one session is often carried over physically and mentally to the next.

Q- What can I expect from my coach?

A- True Champion coaches are nationally and internationally known and have many responsibilities. However, one aspect of being a True Champion coach is to schedule time available to assist our members. This is always a prerogative for well meaning and effective coaches. 

Q- Is my coach always available for me?

A- Your coaches are available to you on an ongoing basis. It is our intention to answer e-mail questions within a reasonable time span. If it is an administrative question, it will be responded to from our administration. Coach inquiries may require a fee.

Q- What sort of support can I expect?

A- The courses are set up in a way that you can take them without the need of any outside assistance. However, the True Champion team is available to assist you with any question you may have. Use the online form or the internal messaging  to contact us for help or assistance.

Q- What is one-on-one training?

A- At True Champion, we call "one-on-one training" the individual training sessions which are conducted just for you by your coach or assistant coach. These training sessions are not included in your subscriptions, but are offered as an available supplement. The session is conducted via modern communication means you will decide with your coach. Skype and phone calls can be used where possible, or the session could be in person (face to face). You schedule, book, and pay for the one-on-one session from the comfort of your dashboard, once you have created your account and subscribed to a sport.

Q- Why would anyone need one-on-one training? 

A- There may be questions about application of techniques or individual questions that need clarifying, although True Champion courses are designed to be self-contained for our members.

Q- How does one-on-one training work?

A-Once you have subscribed to a sport, you can request a one-on-one session. You will receive a response with an agreement on your time or a counter-proposal. When the time is confirmed, you then pay for the session. Once this is done, you need to be ready on the day and time for your coach to make contact and training will start.

Q- How many one-on-one sessions can I book with my coach?

A- The only limit to the number of one-on-one sessions you can book is your coach's availability, which of course may vary from one coach to another. You can always discuss this with your coach and if you would like many sessions, you may schedule them in advance in an agreed long-term program.

Making sure that a member has understood and is applying lessons learned is an important criterion for repeat sessions.

Q- How much does it cost to become a True Champion?

A- There is a menu of the costs and varieties of training listed on the website from which the members can choose. Payments for True Champion on programs, products, and services will be conducted through Pay Pal.

We have tried to simplify our cost structure as much as possible. We believe we offer the most competitive  price for similar services (even though there are no programs currently which combine what True Champion offers). Please see our  price list here.

Contact us for price tiers of on site (face to face) visits for groups and sport governing bodies, etc.

Q- How long do I have to commit?

A- Each sport has it's particular time frame, usually ranging from 6 weeks to 6 months. The duration of your commitment (meaning the start to finish) is according to that sport. However, you may train as long as  you want, including repeating the course, once you have subscribed to that sport.

Q- Can I stop anytime I want?

A- You own the use of your course. You can therefore revisit the course and receive all benefits and support. You may stop any time you want, but bear in mind that once you have subscribed and access the training area, the fee is non-refundable as you have gained access to the entire program content.

Q- Can I interact with other True Champions?

A- Yes you can. From the comfort  of your dashboard, you can create a network of like-minded True Champions by asking other members to link to you. You have a fully functional messaging and chat functionality, through which you can connect with others.

Q- I subscribed to a training program, so what next?

A- Once you subscribe and pay, your course appears in your dashboard where you can access it any time you want . The training program is self-contained and totally intuitive.

Q- What are the hardware (computer/tablet/smart phone) requirements?

A-True Champion is designed to operate on all devices, and you do not need to install any software or buy program to use  your online courses.

Q- What is a Dial-In Open Course?

A-A Dial-In Open Course is a training event scheduled in advance and open to all, even nonmembers. The courses are conducted via telecommunication and participants, who register and pay online, dial into the session using a number provided. Courses are conducted by internationally renowned coaches and True Champion associates. There is a list of ongoing courses including the information needed to make your choice.