Terry Michler

( Soccer )

              Terry Michler is America's All-Time Winningest High School Soccer Coach. He has guided his Christian Brothers College High School team from Missouri to 884 wins and has won seven state championships. In 2012 he was inducted into the Missouri State High School Soccer Coaches Association Hall of Fame. Michler was a high school and college standout as a player and performed for the Kansas City Spurs in the old North American Soccer League.

               Coach Michler's approach to the game of soccer has been influenced by the physical and mental approach and national sport education of Dutch soccer. He founded the Dutch Touch International Soccer Program, a soccer-cultural exchange program established in 2007. It offers coaching education, summer camps and spring travel to the Netherlands each spring.

              Michler says, " as a coach, it has been my ambition to teaching my teams to play with a Dutch Touch. This viewpoint is reflected in his True Champion 6 week early season program of overall philosophy, drills, tactics, and coach driven approach to the game of soccer. Within his True Champion curriculum, he lays out the methodology, which he has applied, very successful over 44 year tutelage at CBC to become an America’s iconic  high school soccer coach


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