Joby Wright

( Basketball )

                  A highly decorated former Indiana University player in the early 1970's, Coach Joby Wright later became an assistant coach under the famous Indiana University Coach, Bobby Knight.  This coaching career from1981-90 began after stints in both the ABA and NBA. An All Big Ten selection and Indiana Team MVP in 1972, Joby was Coach Knight's best recruiter and was integral in putting together the 1987 national championship squad as well as Knight's 1984 gold medal U.S. Olympic Team. After leaving Indiana, Wright went on to become the head coach at the University of Wyoming, Miami (OH), the Cincinnati Stuff and was on the staff of the Harlem Globetrotters. Most recently he is the advisor to the Head Coach at Georgia State University and assisted them in being the Cinderella team of the 2014 NCAA tournament. 

                   Joby's real talent and compassion is inspiring young people from every corner of the world. As the NBA conducts trainings and workshops throughout Africa in their discovery and humanitarian support programs, Coach Wright is an often teacher and contributor.  Most recently, since 2011, Coach Wright has assisted more than 8000 children from 18 schools in Africa as Head of the NBA Development Team and Head Coach. Coach Wright has lived in numerous countries around the world including Spain. France, Italy and Finland thereby broadening his world scope and knowledge of people and their cultures.   Known for his kindness, generosity and understanding Coach Wright provides depth and responsible care to participants within the True Champion LLC groupings of mind & body sport courses. With decades of playing, coaching and basketball team experience and continued service to his sport and humanity we are proud to have Joby Wright as the True Champion LLC Basketball Head Coach. 


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