Michael Spino, Ph.D. is the founder and CEO of True Champion llc. that was founded in 2013. He was a standout runner at Syracuse University where he set records in the mile and cross-country. In the early 70's Spino joined the Esalen Sports Center and became an integral member of a group of pioneers in the applied mental training movement. He published the first of his six books on the mental and physical aspects of sport, Beyond Jogging: the inner spaces of Running, taught hundreds of workshops for recreational runners while also directing large Esalen Sport Center Conference conferences including that with then professional track (ITA) at the University of Oregon. He directed the ten nation Atlanta pre-1984 training camp for developing nations during Mayor Andrew which helped keep African nations from boycotting the Los Angeles Olympic Games.

              Spino was the head cross country and distance coach at Georgia Tech in the early 80's where his numerous under four minute milers broke every distance relay record and he organized the 1984 Pre-Olympic Track and Field Camp. During the 1980's and 1990's Spino’s teams at Georgia Tech broke all the school relay records and at Life University, they won 12 national NAIA championships and was named National Coach of the Year on three occasions.  

                In 2005, Spino organized the only US conference for Sport and Development and Peace/ the International Year of Sport under UN Secretary General Kofi Anan. Dr. Spino received his Ph.D in 2012 from the research-oriented European University, Lille2 in France on unique research in mental training and event rehearsal. He is a founding member of the group Sport, Energy and Consciousness, and was instrumental in their book publishing and conference offerings. Dr. Spino presently teaches in the graduate program within the Kinesiology and Health Department at Georgia State University in Atlanta. 



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