The inaugural mile run set up by True Champion founder and CEO Dr. Michael Spino as the Head of the Long Distance Running division of the Georgia Track and Field Federation was held on Labor Day 2015, and was highlighted by a great mile run by Sam Prendergast , a world level performance in the women’s  master’s mile run,  in which 2015 Master’s runner of the year, Kathy Martin participated which was won by world leader Sonya Undal and an informational summit by Professor Sir Peter Snell, perhaps the finest middle distance runner of all-time and eminent sport educator. 

As the video demonstrates, the year 2016 will see an a larger, more extensive mile race with many Olympic seeking middle distance runners. It will be held as a follow-up to the American Olympic trials and feature a multi-coach educational summit that will be listed as a level III coaching education certification.  Stay tuned for more information on this True Champion website as the year of 2016 progresses

  • Date added:24 Dec,2015