Up and Coming Sports, Energy and Consciousness Conference

Up and Coming Sports, Energy and Consciousness Conference Dr. Michael Spino is a founding member of the Sports, Energy and Consciousness group (sportsenergygroup.com) that contains Spino’s impressions of training with the late great, coach Mihlay Igloi of Hungary, and has contributed the introduction and numerous chapters to the 2014 published book: Sport, Energy and Consciousness: Awakening Human Potential through Sport available through Amazon PressWATCH FOR INFORMATION ON THE WEBSITE OF THE UPCOMING CONFERENCE ON Sport, Energy and Consciousness Conference slated for June 9-11 at Dominican College in San Rafael, California. 

IN SYNC WITH THE TRUE CHAMPION APPROACH AND VIEWPOINT SEC MISSION IS.: to accelerate the global evolution of human consciousness by providing transformational practices that translate the wisdom of sport’s “Ideal Performance State” into practical training methods that include energetics, awakened states of consciousness, and the unification of body, mind, and spirit.

  • Date added:23 Dec,2015