A discussion with world champion Peter Snell

      Sir Peter Snell, a New Zealand native, is arguably the finest middle distance runner of all time.  In 1960 while being ranked 25th in the world his amazing endurance and ‘kick’ earned him a gold medal and a remarkable rise to world prominence in the 800 meters in winning the1960 Rome Olympics.  In the following years, he broke numerous world records in the 800 meters, 1000 yards and mile and culminated his complete dominance of middle distance running in the 1964 Games with Gold Medals in the 800 and 1500 meters. Knighted Sir Peter by Queen Elizabeth, Sir Peter followed his running career with  impressive credentials in the field of medical research and sport education. Now residing in Dallas, Texas, Snell contributes to numerous research journals and keeps active as a world level athlete in orienteering and is married to Mike Snell, also a former master world level competitor. 

       Dr. Spino had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Snell when he spoke at the Great Labor Day Mile in Atlanta in 2015 and though it had been 40 years since Peter taught at a seminar of the historic Esalen Sports Center when Spino was it’s director in the 1970’s, he remains one of the foremost proponents of health and vigor in the world today.

  • Date added:16 Dec,2015