Mindfulness meditation Explanation : by Roger Elliott and Mark Tyrell

Mindfulness is a style of meditation that involves developing a non-judgemental, present-focused awareness. Instead of being caught up in thoughts about the future, or memories of the past, you simply calmly observe your present experience. Mindfulness originated as a Buddhist technique, but over the last few decades it has become increasingly accepted as a valuable tool in western psychotherapy. Research has shown that a regular mindfulness exercise can
be tremendously beneficial for stress management, pain control, and that it promotes a general improvement in your mood.
And in a study published in 2001 in the journal Psychiatry Research it was found that an eight week program of mindfulness resulted in measurable brain changes in the participants. The parts of their brains associated with emotional regulation, learning and memory all became more developed. So as you listen to this download repeatedly, you can know that you’re engaging in a tried and tested method for bringing greater well-being, mental calm and clarity to your life.

Now as you prepare to begin this mindfulness meditation you can start with your eyes open knowing that there’s nothing you need to try to do here and there’s no need to try not to try you can simply look at a spot in front of you a single point that’s it just focus your eyes on that one spot and breathe comfortably and then notice how that spot there in front of you is the focus of your awareness and you could say that it’s the foreground of your awareness but right here and now your eyes are perceiving much more than just that one spot there are many more things that you can see in your peripheral vision without shifting your gaze out of the corner of your eye and there is everything around that spot everything that’s in the background of your awareness and as you keep your eyes focused on that spot I’d like you to notice what happens as you shift your visual awareness from foreground from that one single spot over there to background to everything you can see in your peripheral vision and just take a few moments right now to notice everything in the background all the area around that spot right out to the periphery of your vision and all the space between you and that spot that’s it

And then just notice that one spot again in the foreground that’s it focusing on it and then notice everything around it in the background all the space around it that expansive sense of opening up to noticing background and foreground together that’s it

And then as you breathe comfortably you can just allow those eyelids to close and if at any time during this meditation you notice other thoughts floating through your mind you can simply let them float by like leaves carried on a stream through your mind and out of it again aware that there’s no need to try to control those thoughts maybe just noticing it’s a thought about planning something or a thought about the past or perhaps just a fantasy of some kind and you can just notice it acknowledge what kind of thought it is and then calmly gently bring your attention back to this meditation

And now I’d like you to turn your attention to any sounds you can hear and that might include the sound of my voice the sound of your breathing any background sounds around you or audible in the distance just let your attention focus on any sounds you can notice right now so that you tune in to your awareness of sound that’s it

And then as those sounds become the foreground of your awareness I’d like you to notice all the space the silence out of which those sounds arise
the space around and between the sounds the silence that wraps around and underlies each sound just noticing the background of silent space from which those sounds arise

And again you can tune into the sounds themselves in the foreground noticing any sounds you’re aware of right now and then the space between the sounds the background the silence from which they arise so that you notice the sounds in the foreground of your awareness and simultaneously notice the space

And then as you continue to breathe comfortably you can just notice any physical sensations you’re aware of the temperature of the air against your face the sensation of whatever’s supporting your body the sensations in those hands and those feet the feeling of the air passing in and out of your nose or mouth as you breathe in and out just letting all of those physical sensations become the foreground of your awareness right now that’s it

And then I’d like you to notice all the space around those sensations the space around that body the space between and around the arms
the space between and around the fingers the space between and around the legs the space between and around the toes the space around that head and neck
just becoming aware of the space in which all of those sensations manifest themselves

And again you can get in touch with the sensations occurring right now paying attention to any physical sensations you can perceive
of pressure or temperature tingling or numbness and then noticing the space all around them the space all around that body the space in which those sensations arise so that you notice the background and the foreground of your physical awareness noticing sensations and the space around them

And then you can just become aware of any thoughts in that mind any memories any plans any preoccupations
maybe there are thoughts about this meditation sometimes people think about whether they’re getting it right or sometimes your mind can experience day-dream like thoughts about other times and other places while here and now you can just breathe comfortably and watch those thoughts and observe that mental space where those thoughts materialise

And then I’d like you to notice
the space between and around those thoughts
the space from which those thoughts arise and into which they dissolve

Because thoughts can come and go they can change and transform like clouds in the sky but there is always this open space around them this space between them
that some call pure awareness and just like tuning in to the background of your visual awareness or your physical awareness you can notice this inner space this pure inner silence out of which all thoughts arise and you can just notice that you are not those thoughts those thoughts come and go but the consciousness that you are remains still silent watching

And the Sufi poet Rumi spoke of how we can treat any thought any emotion like guests in our house welcoming them all
be they sad or cheerful angry or peaceful not barricading our minds or trying to force our thoughts away but welcoming them all
with kindness patience and an open heart as part of the experience of being human treating our thoughts and emotions as passing guests who arrive and stay a while and then depart

and how when we do so they may surprise us with blessings and gifts insights and wisdom we would never otherwise discover

And again just notice whatever it is you’re noticing right now any thoughts physical sensations or mental images and just let them be here part of the experience of being human

And then just notice the space around those thoughts and sensations
the background of your awareness

And I’m going to be silent now for one full minute and I’d like you to spend that time just being present with whatever it is you experience in these sixty seconds

That’s good and once more let your attention engage with whatever you’re experiencing

And notice the background of that experience the space the silence

the pure awareness surrounding and pervading all of your experience

That’s good and you can listen to this session often and deepen this calm quiet mindful awareness each time you do

And for now you can prepare to finish this meditation by taking one more deep breath and then you might like to have a nice stretch and bring this calm focus and clarity with you as you return to normal awareness feeling refreshed and alert that’s it and then whenever you’re ready just open your eyes.

  • Date added:16 Nov,2015