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Big Mind Mindset Training for Sport Performance and Enjoyment

David Meggyesy

The world of athletic training continues to evolve with fitness science making great strides over the past 30 years.  A crucial dimension of sport training is now emerging that is often given lip service, with comments like “athletic performance is 90% mental, 10% physical???, yet mindset or mental training, the 90%, is rarely taught.  

The times are changing regarding the value of mental or inner game training.  Inner game training for athletes is in 2015 where weight training was 40 years ago.  Forty-five years ago when I was playing in the NFL for the St. Louis Cardinals we did not have a weight room or any weights at our training facility.  It was thought weight lifting would “make you tight???.  Now every sport has built into its training programs strength training, typically weight training.  Even golfers masters of touch sports weight train.  Check out Tiger Woods and Rory McElroy.

As a former professional athlete, ‘having my mind right’ to play the game was critical.  I had developed what would be now called Mindset practices and mental routines to get ready to play.  I’m sure all of my teammates did as well, but these approaches were never shared.  The best my coaches could offer was to say “stay focused??? but we were never taught or coached how to stay focused.

Big Mind and Sport Performance

The Big Mind/Voice Dialog process is a powerful process to identify key aspects of our inner selves that can enhance athletic performance and enjoyment.  For the past number of years I have worked with various coaches and athletes and conducted teaching workshops using the Big Mind process with excellent success.  This process works with perceived blocks to identify what is holding us back.  Often times athletes do not fully own their Competitor or limit for various reasons how their Competitor responds to various situations thereby diminishing their full enjoyment of their sport and performing at a top level.  Lining up and integrating our various “voices??? or aspects of our mental selves is often times what is necessary for stellar performance to emerge.  We often unconsciously hold ourselves back more than we realize or limit our view of what is possible for us to accomplish in our sport.  Feed forward images and “voices??? can also expand our sense of greater possibilities.  And most importantly these voices or aspects of ourselves can be specifically identified and fleshed out so they become embodied and fully owned in our Beings.  Once owned and embodied they become easily accessible for our use.

I work with individuals via Skype or in person.  Skype has proven to be very effective working with this process.  You can think of me as a Mindset coach.  I work with athletes, men and women, from high school age to older recreational athletes. Appropriate mind set is foundational and my work applies to all sport.

The Big Mind process was created by Zen Master Genpo Roshi Merzel.  Merzel is a former international water polo player and long distance swimmer.

David Meggyesy bio

David Meggyesy is a former seven year NFL linebacker with the St. Louis Cardinals.  Meggyesy authored Out of Their League, his best-selling football autobiography which was included in Sports Illustrated’s 100 best sports books ever written.  He has lectured and conducted workshops and seminars at more than 200 college and universities in the United States and Canada.  Meggyesy co-founded the Esalen Sports Center, and for four years taught a seminar, Sports, Consciousness and Social Change at Stanford University for Stanford University football players.  For 25 years he served as Western Regional Director of the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA), the NFL players’ labor union, and is Board President of Athletes United for Peace.

Meggyesy has been a vocal critic of professional and college revenue sports.  In addition, he is a leader in developing a more comprehensive view of sports as a positive process for human growth and social transformation.  He has conducted mind/body workshops applying various mindset techniques to improve athletic performance, enjoyment, and quality of life.  Meggyesy was a head high school football coach and has mentored and counseled numerous elite college and professional athletes.  He has written extensively on issues regarding sport and society, and sport and human potential, including articles for the New York Times, USA Today, Heartland Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, and Los Angeles Times among others. Meggyesy has been featured on ESPN, CBS Sports, HBO Sports and numerous radio and television interviews, print media, and webcasts.

Meggyesy is presently a teaching associate with Human Potential Movement pioneer Jean Houston.  He has completed training in Zen Master Genpo Roshi Merzel’s Big Mind/Big Heart process and is associated with Integral Transformative Practice-International (ITP-I)
Meggyesy received a BA in History from Syracuse University and was enrolled in a Sociology PhD program at Washington University in St. Louis during his professional football playing career.  During his playing career he was extensively involved in the Civil Rights and anti-Vietnam War Movements. His website is:

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