The Many Benefits of Becoming a True Champion

Set up your profile

Once you create your free account by signing up, you can set up your True Champion profile and you'll have full control over what other users may see, if anything at all.

Access your own personal dashboard

As soon as your profile is set up, you'll gain access to your own dashboard. This is the place where you'll be able to access all information about your account and your activities.

Manage your account

From your dashboard, you will be able to view all account activities, including your payment history and manage your account .

Training diary

Your dashboard makes it easy for you to keep an online training diary and share it with your contacts and your coaches if you so wish.

Access Training Content

Your complete training program is all in one package of Periodic Sequencing Techniques for easy usability.


Get access to blogs/articles and learn from experiences of our coaches.

Provide feedback

True Champion gives you a voice so you can express yourself. Not only is effective feedback useful for other users, we also need it to enhance the relevance of True Champion.

Subscribe to online mind and body training

Enjoy full mind & body individual sport training, choosing from a variety of sports. Pay once & enjoy the training as long as you want.

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