Coach Mike Spino is CEO and Founder of True Champion LLC. However, True Champion LLC is also a truly collaborative undertaking. Mike has enlisted the participation of top coaches, each of them a renowned specialist in his or her field, to create an online training platform which focuses on the integration of mind and body in sports.

Our True Champion coaches share their technical and tactical experience with you through the training programs they have conceived and the training material they have developed with the aim to improve your mind-body connection and lead you to better performances in your chosen sport.

True Champion's core strengths reside in integrating mind and body for peak performance in sports. This is our core competence, our core focus and our core purpose. It is therefore where we concentrate all our efforts. Online training is our main means of action, but as can be seen below, we also offer onsite tailor-made training.

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True Champion has innovative, mind & body online sport training programs for recreational and elite athletes as well as sport coaches.

Membership provides tailored regimens that combine text with video and audio instruction and opportunities for personal coaching. The long-term vision of True Champion is that future athletic practice and sport performance be recognized as a collaboration of mental and physical techniques for a unified training philosophy.

The mission of our nationally and internationally recognized leaders and coaches is to provide the Periodic Sequencing Techniques for improving skills performance and focus while  concurrently transforming awareness, and perception.

Our intention is to transform athleticism  into a lifetime activity filled with personal ethics and accomplishment, increased consciousness  and uplifting values.

A True Champion participant will enjoy an atmosphere of integrity and a support system in which any use of false performance enhancements is unacceptable and tarnishes the quest of one’s best self as an authentic participation in any and all sports at any and all levels.

Integrity  and accountability, and the demonstration of ethical honesty in action and thought, are among  the cornerstones of True Champion.

The True Champion program differs from other sport improvement programs in that it  synthesizes, rather than differentiates, physical and mental abilities. Our belief is that an individual or team may be able to improve their sport skills, without professional assistance, by  participating in True Champion programs that can transform his or her physical skills and mental  abilities and achieve greater personal accomplishment.

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